mySociety employees
work all across the UK…

We believe in recruiting the best people,
no matter where they live.

…And sometimes
in other places too

Here Jen and Paul study
spreadsheet columns under
pagoda columns in Yangon

We’ve expanded – and we’re still growing

Right now, there are 27 people on the payroll.

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We’re pretty busy

7,182 Changes committed
to our code

2,019 Closed

25 Projects worked on with
commercial clients, with…

16 International
partners, across…

11 Of our own

14 Meetups run in
cities across the UK

15 Face-to-face team meetings,
and countless more virtual ones

3 Major pieces of
research commissioned

We are divided down highly partisan lines

Kittens 14
Puppies 6
Puppies vs Kittens
Tea 11
Coffee 9
Coffee vs Tea
Karaoke 12
Climbing 8
Climbing vs Karaoke

But at least we agree when it comes to

Digital Democracy, Transparency, Citizen Empowerment, and the potential of Civic Tech