We believe in the value of face-to-face meetings

26 Countries visited by mySociety’s
international team in 2014

(That’s six more countries than pop band One Direction visited on their 2014 tour)

Our code can be anywhere

39 Countries where you’ll find
an app or tool running
on mySociety code

That includes versions of FixMyStreet, Freedom of Information sites using Alaveteli, parliamentary monitoring sites using Pombola, and all kinds of sites using Poplus Components.

Peoples’ Assembly, South Africa

We have friends and partners all around the world…

Civio, Spain
Data.uy, Montevideo
Gaba, Montevideo
FCI, Chile
KuvakaZim, Zimbabwe
Siviana, Australia
E-democracy, USA
Iris, El Salvador
Socialtic, Mexico
Tedic, Paraguay
Whypoll, India
Wingu, Argentina
Francis, Julian, and DoES Liverpool

And we’re not immune to silly coincidences

4 Cities where our visit happened to
coincide with One Direction on tour

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