We think our work is a force for good in the world, but how do we know?

With robust research, that’s how.

$750,000 mySociety research budget
for the next 2 years

Thanks to the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, we’ll be doing ground-breaking research into the impact of digital tools like ours.

We’ve been asking your opinion

6300 people contacted for
research in 2014

Researchers analysing the impact of our civic tech got in touch with over 6,300 individuals this year.

Thanks if you were one of them!

We work with world-leading institutions

This year alone, we worked with the World Bank, MIT, University College London, Manchester University and Oxford Internet Institute.

Clever people. We love ’em.

We like to share

We want our research findings to inform the whole civic tech community. So we go out and tell everyone what we’ve found.

From research meet-ups to full-on conferences, there’s plenty going on. Want to join in? Subscribe to our research mailing list.

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