9.2 million users accessed our UK sites in 2014

32.6m Pages

411,022 Transactions

That’s one MP looked up, one street problem reported, one FOI request sent, or one representative written to, each minute—every minute—every day for the whole year.

171,163 Messages sent
via WriteToThem

The postmen should be pleased – that’s 312 sacks of mail they didn’t have to carry.

Most responsive MP:

Caroline Nokes

Caroline Nokes

Romsey and Southampton North

Least responsive MP:

Caroline Nokes

Alan Meale


According to our running survey of 58,573 WriteToThem users, 2–3 weeks after contacting their MP.

139,048 Reports made to
councils via FixMyStreet

…about everything from potholes and dangerous pavements, to dog fouling and broken streetlights.

49,277 Information requests sent
through WhatDoTheyKnow

…including: the fee charged by Phillip Schofield to open a fundraiser: £0.00p.

Each request has an average of 20 readers. That Phillip Schofield one had 25,280.

By publishing requests, the site saves time for citizens and money for councils.

But we can’t help everyone

Inter-galactic species covered by the Freedom of Information Act: zero. Yeah, sorry, Klingons.

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Happy birthday to TheyWorkForYou

Ten years old in 2014!

For a special treat, we analysed 1,085 votes going back to 2010

So now when you look up your MP on TheyWorkForYou, you can see how they voted on key topics.

We also looked at how many written answers actually answer the question posed

Back to school for many MPs, then.

And, in advance of the Scottish referendum

We asked what difference Scottish MPs have made to the results of votes.

Not as much as we would have predicted.